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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Termas- Quatro X Quatro

Quatro X Quatro, located in the Centro area (Rua Buenos Aires 44), has emerged as my favorite terma. 4x4 is an excellent terma; clean facilities and loads of friendly women. It is the largest terma I’ve been to, and there always seem to be 60-100 or more women around. The management seems helpful and upfront about costs and such, which are posted in several locations. There are plenty of women available and they are of comparable quality to Centaurus. The place is so big that one can get lost in it! You enter through a narrow hallway and go up a flight of stairs to the desk, where they give you a locker key. The lockers are to your right, down a half flight of stairs. After changing you can go to the showers and sauna (go back to the stairs you entered up, and go up one more level). After that you can hit the bars. There are two bar areas, one on the second floor (directly across from the desk) where most of the action is (including regular strip shows) and another large one on the third floor which is much quieter and a good place for conversation, cuddling, and getting something to eat. Prices are quite reasonable: entrance is $30 reais and an hour in a suite is only $150 reais(!), and the management gives you a clear up-front indication of how much the different services cost. If you take a girl to a room to do the deed before 5:00, your entry fee is waved. The basic suite is smaller at 4x4 than at some other places, but large enough not to feel cramped. Larger and fancier suites (including some with Jacuzzis, KS beds, ceiling mirrors, and dance floors) are available at higher prices. The only downside is location: 4x4 is in Centro and thus a bit of a haul for those staying in the Zona Sul neighborhoods of Copa or Ipanema (my preferred location), although it is easily accessed via Metro (just a few blocks from the Uruguaiana station). It is, nevertheless, absolutely worth a visit. I’ve imbibed in numerous threesomes and one foursome at Quatro X Quatro and have always had a great time. Quatro X Quatro does have a web site: but it’s pretty worthless. This terma is located in the center of Rio’s business district and caters to businessmen. As a consequence of its location, it is open only Monday-Friday